Ashley Botkin — Week 2 Recap

Last week, I was able to finish labelling and describing our Haiti sources. I made note of interesting texts that I would like to revisit when putting together my online exhibit. I was especially looking for sources that revealed the intentions of the U.S. occupation. I also began looking for visuals from the Library of Congress and National Archives. I’ve found many newspaper articles from the very beginning of the U.S. occupation, and I am still making my way through years of clippings on the LOC website.

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The New York Times: Sunday, August 8, 1915. “The United States Battleship Connecticut, with 500 Marines on board, sailing from Philadelphia to Haiti, to put down the revolution.”

I am starting to finalize my online exhibit topics, and I am hoping to focus on three topics:

  • Haitian Responses to the U.S. Occupation
  • “The White Man’s Burden” and U.S. Imperialism
  • The Expansion of the Monroe Doctrine under Wilson