UCSB Oct 5 – Nov 19

My name is Matthew Fosdick and I am a senior at JMU. I have been interning for the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library for over two months now. Since starting as an intern I have been working on the Eleanor Wilson McAdoo Collection at University of California-Santa Barbara. This collection consisted of many letters between the Wilson family as well as memorial and commencement speeches. In the beginning this project consisted of creating and uploading an entirely new entry on the Omeka site. The collection information came in the form of a spread sheet and I entered that information into the Dublin core, Item Type Metadata, EAD Archive, Files and Tags. Much of the information that was needed was found in the spreadsheet but the spreadsheet was not very well organized nor entirely accurate. This made the entire process sluggish. After a couple of weeks the information on the spreadsheet was uploaded to Omeka all at once, something that I did not do. The information uploaded was all accurate and made my job much easier and more streamlined. All I had to do then was edit and arrange the uploaded documents and make them public. This editing ranged from correcting simple spelling errors to re-creating the entire uploaded document depending on the discrepancies between the actual document and the uploaded version. I have completed the entire collection of 141 documents and I feel that I have made a contribution to the archives here.