Ashley Botkin — Week 1 Recap

My name is Ashley Botkin, and I will be a fourth-year at the University of Virginia in the fall. I’m a double-major in art history and religious studies, a docent and museum assistant at the Fralin Museum of Art, and the assistant managing editor for The Cavalier Daily. I am currently interning with Mark in the Archives Department of the LARC. I’ve been awarded a grant from the Mellon Indigenous Arts Program at U.Va., and the main focus of my research will be on indigenous African peoples.

This past week I spent my time proofreading entries in the Race and Segregation Collection, and it was interesting to see how many people were writing to President Wilson regarding lynchings in the United States. One letter especially stood out to me due to its visual language.

Excerpt of a letter to President Wilson pleading for the federal government to intervene in the prevalence of lynchings.

For Week 2, I’ll be starting on my digital exhibit project on the U.S. occupation of Haiti during Woodrow Wilson’s term.