Ashley Botkin — Week 6 Recap

Last week I was able to finish proofreading my Introduction page for the exhibit, as well as create and finish writing another page, “The NAACP and The Nation Investigate.” The “Investigate” page still needs images added to it, so I am currently trying to determine which of the images I’ve found should go where, especially since I have many more pages to create for the exhibit.

I was able to pick up “American Imperialism’s Undead: The Occupation of Haiti and the Rise of Caribbean Anticolonialism” by Raphael Dalleo. Reviews of the book mentioned a rich use of primary sources, so I am hoping to find more images and primary source material to add to my information.

This week I plan on making my way through the book and taking notes on it, searching for more images, and creating more pages for the exhibit.

Airplanes in Haiti, c. 1919