Ashley Botkin — Week 4 Recap

I was able to make a trip to Charlottesville in order to pick up some books for my research. Unfortunately, the book that contained the most primary sources had been moved into storage to prepare for upcoming renovations to the library. I have requested the item, so hopefully they are able to find it.

In the next few weeks, I plan on making a trip to Washington, D.C. in order to look at Marine accounts from Haiti in the National Archives. I’m hoping to find source material for the violence being inflicted on the Haitians by the USMC, as claimed in many of The Nation articles. In the meantime, I will be making my way through the books I have now and narrowing in on my exhibit topic.

“La Croix Rouge, la mère de toutes les nations” “Symboles de la Liberté et de l’Humanité” — Red Cross poster from 1914 reading “The Red Cross, mother of all nations” and “Symbols of liberty and humanity” with the Haitian and U.S. flags.